1. Computing
Lots of people have digital clocks on their web page. With this script you can go one better with an analog clock instead. The script provides for lots of different customizations so you can probably find a way to get it to display how you want.

Examples show how to change the size of the clock, how to change the colours used, three different numbering styles (built-in), and local time or author time. Not shown but also supported are having the clock float independently of the web page so that you can have it stay put as the page scrolls behind it, have it follow the mouse, or whatever other movement you want. Also not shown but supported is the ability to change the day of week and AM/PM indicators (for if you want to use the clock on a page written in a language other than English. All of these different options can also be combined in whatever combination that you want making for limitless variations on the clock appearance.

Analog Clock
Multiple Clocks
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