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Analog Clock

1. Introduction

There are lots of digital clock scripts that can be found on the web that allow you to add a digital clock to your web site. I even have such a script that displays Author Time instead of your visitor's time. Analog clock scripts are less common and most are fairly limited in what they can do. Well not any more because I have written this Analog clock script that will display on any modern browser and which provides options allowing you to specify its size, style, colours, whether it is part of the web page or should float on top, and whether to display your time or your visitor's time.

Let's begin by looking at the basic analog clock the way that it appears using the default parameters.

If you want an analog clock for your site then the first step is to obtain the script and install it into your web page. After you have done that we will look at how you can configure it in many different ways.

Note that this script allows you to place one analog clock per page. I have also created a modified version of this script that allows multiple analog clocks on the same page.

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