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Cryptogram Script

1. Introduction and Sample

How good are you at secret codes? The following cryptogram has been encrypted using a simple substitution cipher. Can you work out what letter in the encrypted code represents what letter in clear text and work out what the message actually says?

Not sure how to work the above cryptogram? Well all you have to do is to select the blue letters to identify which letter you think has been substituted for what. Select the letter from the cryptogram from the top set of letters and the letter you think it represents from the bottom set. It doesn't matter which you select first. Once you have selected a letter from both sets the page will automatically update. If you make a mistake you can either just select the right letter or change letters back to dashes. If you really stuff it up you can always select <reset>.

The frequency chart underneath will assist you in working out what is what by displaying the number of occurrences of each of the encrypted letters in the entire phrase. It also displays those letters you have already decrypted.

There are no prizes for decrypting the cryptogram, just the satisfaction that you will feel once you get the last letter in place.

Oh, and if you are having trouble figuring this one out, the second sentence is a typical typing phrase that uses all the letters of the alphabet.

If you want something like this to add to your site then you have come to the right place. (If you want a version that doesn't keep reloading the page, don't worry as there are two versions of the main script and the second version just updates the cryptogram within the current page). The cryptogram script consists of two Javaascript files, a few lines of CSS and a few lines of HTML. I'll give you one of the Javascripts, the CSS and the HTML but you will need to start off by create the crypto array script for yourself (don't worry I have a form that you can enter your texts into that will create the code for you).

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