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Continuous Text Marquee

1. Introduction and Example

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. She sells sea shells by the sea shore.

A regular marquee moves a single object through the display area and has to wait until the end has disappeared before being able to start scrolling it through again. This marquee replaces the single text string (containing whatever you like) with multiple copies of the same text. As one copy disappears out of the scroll area it is removed from that end of the array that the script uses and re-added to the other end ready to come through again. The script automatically works out how many copies of the content it needs so as to ensure that you never run out of text in your marquee.

This script does have a couple of limitations though so we'll cover those first so that you know exactly what you are getting.

  • The only interaction that the first version of this script provides is that when you move the mouse over the marquee the images will stop moving and when you move the mouse off the marquee it will start moving again. You can of course include links iin your text and they will operate normally, stopping the movement makes it easier for your visiitors to click.
  • You can have multiple marquees on the same page with this script and can specify different text for each. The marquees all run at the same speed though so moving the mouse over any of them will cause all of them to stop moving.
  • The text in each marquee must be all on one line. You can use inline HTML tags to style the text but block tags and <br> tags will break the code.

If those limitations don't put you off from deciding to use this script then the next step is to get the script.

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