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Continuous Text Vertical Scroller With Start/Stop Button

1. Introduction and Example

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. She sells sea shells by the sea shore.

This script is a variant of my continuous text marquee with button script that has been modified to scroll vertically instead of horizomtally. Your visitors can easily stop the text scrolling in order to read it more slowly by either moving their mouse over the scrolling text or by pressing the start/stop button. The button can be operated even by those visitors navigating using their keyboard instead of a mouse.

Since the scroll does not operate for those without JavaScript, the stop/start button does not appear at all for those visitors. Those visitors will only be able to see as much of the content as fits in the display area if the content is longer than the display area (in my examples on this page it is shorter and so blank space would appear below the text).

If you want the ultimate in accessible continuous vertical text scrollers then the next step is to get the script.

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