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Javascript can perform two different purposes on web pages.

  1. It can build part of the page content (eg. common navigation elements, random quotes, etc.)
  2. it can provide animation and form validation

The big difference between these two uses is that the first runs the Javascript during the loading of the page and the second runs the Javascript after the page has loaded.

There will be times when you wish that you could get the Javascripts on a web page to perform the first of these functions but not the second due to the page not having all of the necessary content without Javascript being enabled when the page loads but with annoying animations or incorrect validation routines once the page has loaded. I know these sorts of pages shouldn't exist but not everyone creating wb pages knows how to create their pages properly and so these situations do occur.

The follwing bookmarklet will greatly assist you in this situation. The bookmarklet doesn't actually disable Javascript since that would interfere with subsequent pages as well as being something that Javascript can't do. What it does do is to remove all of the Javascript references from the source of the web page currently displayed in the browser window.

What this means is that any Javascripts that run during the loading of the page have already run so the Javascript generated page content already appears and will stay on the screen. Those scripts that have not yet been triggered will no longer be linked to the page and so they will not get triggered at all.

To install this bookmarklet right click on the above link and select the add to favorites option from the context menu.

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