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Fly In Advertising

1. Introduction and Sample

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The Script Make Your Ad

To get anywhere with advertising on web sites today, your ad has to stand out and be different from the normal ad. Very few people actually pay any attention to the standard sized ads that are in fixed positions in the web page any more.

One solution to this is to have an ad that moves. This script produces an ad box that slides in from the top left corner of the window and makes its way to the centre of the window where it sits and waits for your visitor to interact with it. Since it is probably blocking part of the page content they will want to move it out of the way and the "hide" link provides them with an obvious way to do that. Of course since they are going to click a link within the ad box anyway they might just decide to click on the actual ad content instead.

When "hide" is selected the ad doesn't disappear straight away but instead moves (more quickly this time) off of the bottom left corner of the window.

If you want to create your own ad like this then the first thing you need to do is to obtain the script to put into your page.

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