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Image Protection

How to use the Image Protection Form

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Image Protection Form

With the script generator for the image protection script you just need to enter the four parameters specified on the screen. The first parameter is the image filename, the second the width of the image, the third is the height of the image, and the fourth is the alternate text to display if your visitor turns images off in their browser. So if the regular unprotected image was coded in your page as:

<img src="img/greatpic.gif" width="100" height="120"
alt="My great picture" />

then you would enter img/greatpic.gif in the first field, 100 in the second, 120 in the third and My great picture in the fourth field. The code that would be generated in this instance would read:

<table background="img/greatpic.gif" cellspacing="0"
cellpadding="0" border="0"><tr><td><img src="myimg.gif"
width="100" height="120" alt="My great picture"

You would then paste this code into your page in place of the original code as well as placing a copy of mypic.gif (the transparent image) onto your site.

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