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Concentration Memory Game with Images

Part 1 : Introduction

My Original Concentration/Memory Game generates all of the "pictures" using nothing more than a few stylesheet commands. So of course I then received several requests for a version that uses images instead. So here is a version that allows your visitors to match the images instead of matching coloured letters (you will have to supply the images).

You can use whatever images you like with this script as long as you own the right to use them on the web and provided that you resize them all to 60 pixels by 60 pixels before you start. You will need one image for the back of the "cards" and fifteen for the "fronts". Make sure that the image files are as small as possible or the game may take too long to load.

With this version I have limited the script to 30 "cards" as all of the images will make the page a lot slower to load.

Play the memory game for yourself and then get a copy for your web page.

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