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Multiple Choice Example Quiz

This above is an example of a quiz created using my multiple choice quiz maker. Each quiz can have up to 100 questions displayed either individually or with as many questions as you like on each page. Each question can have up to six different answers. The script keeps track of the number of questions where the correct answer is selected and displays the result at the end of the quiz.

In order to function the quiz requires that you attach a stylesheet into the head of your web page, two JavaScripts just before the end of the body, and place one div within the body of your page for each quiz question where you want the quiz questions to appear. One Javascript is generated using the quiz generator and contains your questions and answers with the correct answer being encrypted to help prevent cheating. The second Javascript provides all of the functionality and is just plugged straight in. The stylesheet can be easily customised to change the appearance of your quiz. You can even place other content between the divs if you wish.

Create your own multiple choice quiz to add to your site.

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