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Light Mixer

1. Introduction and Sample

More of this Feature

Stylesheet/HTML JavaScript

Computer screens display different colours by mixing different coloured light together. The primary colours for light are red, green, and blue and these are called additive colours. (The primary colours for paint etc are red, yellow, and blue and are called subtractive colours since they subtract colours from the reflected light in order to produce their final colour).

My watercolour script shows how mixing subtractive colours works but was is no equivalent script to show how mixing additive colours works until now. Here is a script that works identically to the watercolour script except that it starts from black and adds light instead of starting from white and adding paint.

Light (primary)
Mixing Area
Light (secondary)

To use the light mixer simply click on a light colour on the left to add some of that colour to the mixing area. Click on the mixing area or reset button to start over.

If you want to add a copy of this light mixer to your site then there are two JavaScripts, a stylesheet, and some HTML that you need to use. Let's start with the light mixer stylesheet.

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