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Piano Chord Calculator

1. Introduction and Sample

The piano chord calculator is a Web-based music education tool designed to help keyboard students play any basic chord.

Piano chords are one of the fundamental building blocks for anyone learning a keyboard instrument. Chords specific groups of notes played in unison usually played by one hand--provide the melodic and rhythmic roots of musical pieces, from pop music to jazz to classical.

The piano chord calculator found below allows users to select any type of chord using two menus that allow you choose the root of the chord (,C,C#/Db,D, etc) and then the type of chord (Major, Minor, Major 7th, etc). Once you do that, the notes for the chord will appear highlighted on keyboard illustration.

Chords can be voiced--that is, played--in a number of different configurations. For example, a C major chord consists of the notes C-E_G. But you can also play an inverted C chord by selecting a different sequence of those same notes. So E-C-G would also be a C chord. As you can see, the calculator has an Invert Chord button. Click on that button to see the different permutations of these basic chords.

Make Your Own Calculator This calculator was built with the help of the About Music Education page. You can copy the code for this calculator by clicking the link below and copying the script. Place it on your music education web site and let your students and potential students learn which key to press to get the different chords, and let the music flourish!

Here's a complete working copy of the script:

If you would like to place a copy of this on your own music education site then just follow the instructions to install the Piano Chord Calculator script.

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