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Piano Chord Calculator

1. Introduction and Sample

If you are teaching people how to play the piano (or another keyboard instrument) then one thing that you will cover is chords. Now I know very little about music myself but with the kind assistance of Music Education Guide Espie Estrella I have managed to create a piano chord calculator script that allows all of the basic chords to be highlighted on a keyboard drawing on the web page either by selecting the chord to be displayed from a couple of selection lists or by entering the formula for the chord into a text input field.

With a copy of this calculator on your music education web site your students and potential students will be able to check out which key to press to get the different chords directly from your site.

Here's a complete working copy of the script:

If you would like to place a copy of this on your own music education site then just follow the instructions to install the Piano Chord Calculator script.

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