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Fill in the Blanks Quiz

Part 1 : Introduction

This quiz is a bit different from the others that I have written so far. Instead of being presented with a question and several answers and being asked to choose the right one, this quiz presents a piece of text with a number of words left blank. Each of the omitted words is replaced by a drop down list of words and the person doing the quiz is required to select the correct word that goes in each spot to complete the text correctly.

You can have as many blanks in the text as you want, you just create a separate drop down list for each. Once someone has made all their selections they then press a "Go" button. If they are right then they will be taken to the next page, if not then an alert will popup telling them to "try again". You can of course make the quiz even more extensive by repeating the process on the next page.

The most obvious use for this quiz is where the text is presented in a foreign language where you can text the person's proficiency in that language by seeing if they can select the correct version of a word so as to make the text gramatically correct. Of course it could work equally well for testing English grammar. Another use would be for testing how well the person can remember the wording of a piece of text that they are supposed to have memorized.

Still not sure how it works? Take a look at this sample quiz.

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