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Unobtrusive Random Images

1. Introduction and Example

This script allows you to create one or more arrays of images and have the script randomly select which of those images will appear in the web page. The script also allows you to have the images automatically update by reselecting another random image from the array.

The script not only allows for adding multiple random images into the web page (either from the same or different arrays) but also allows tou to select different time intervals for each image to be replaced by another image. You can even choose not to replace some images and replace others.

The limitations in this script include the obvious one that all of the images to display in a particular spot in your page must be the same size. This version of the script also makes no provision for different alt text for each image or enclosing each image in a different link.

Because the script is unobtrusive what the page will display when JavaScript is not available is entirely up to you.

If you want to incorporate random images into your web page unobtrusively then the first thing you need to do is to obtain the script.

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