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Disable No Right Click Scripts

There are quite a few people under the mistaken belief that a no right click script will protect their page content. A no right click script does nothing of the sort but it may interfere with your navigation of their site in those browsers where it does anything at all. Rather than just giving up on their site though you can instead just turn that script off.

The easiest way to disable no right click scripts is for you to right click on the following link and save it to your favorites/bookmarks.

Enable Right Click

When you reach a page that disables the context menu in your browser simply select this option from your favorites/bookmarks menu and whatever method that they have used to disable right clicking will itself be disabled and you will once more be able to access the navigation options in the context (right click) menu.

NOTE that this bookmarklet is provided to re-enable a menu that is legitimately used by some web visitors for web navigation. Despite the fact that "No Right Click" scripts serve no useful purpose, you should NOT use this bookmarklet to perform functions that the web page owner was misguidedly attempting to block.

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