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Vertical Scroller

1. Introduction and Sample

You can fit a lot of text into a small space and add some movement to your web page to draw attention to that text by using a vertical scroller.

My vertical scroller script allows you to place one (or more) scroll boxes on your page where ever you want with whatever size and background that you want. You then tell the script what content you want to display in which scroll box.

You can put any HTML code that you like into the scroll boxes including links and images and the entire content will scroll slowly (or quickly) up (or down) through the box.

Once the last of the content disappears out of the box the first part of the content will appear once more at the other end of the box and repeat the process. You can have as many scroll boxes of whatever size you want on your page within reason but all will have their content move in the same direction at the same speed.

If this is the effect that you want to add to your page then the next step is to obtain the script.

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