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Falling Snow

1. Introduction and Sample

It can snow all year round on your web page if you incorporate this special effect script into your page. Some falling snow scripts only work in recent versions of Internet Explorer but not this one. This falling snow script works in all recent versions (and some not so recent versions) of Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Opera and probably other browsers as well.

The falling snow script has a number of snowflakes drifting slowly down the browser window in front of the page content. The page can be scrolled and (unlike many other falling snow scripts) the snow just keeps right on falling in front of whatever part of the page is being viewed.

It is snowing on this web page which illustrates the effect generated by the falling snow script. The snowflake movement may appear slightly jerky if the page hasn't finished loading yet but will become much smoother once the page has fully loaded.

If this is the effect that you want to add to your page then the next step is to obtain the script.

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