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Falling Snow

2. Obtain the Script

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To make it snow on your web page you first need to select the code from the text box below (there is a highlight all button beneath it to make this easier) and copy it into a file called snow.js.

The only line in the Javascript that you may want to alter is the one that sets the number of snow flakes that are displayed.

snowflake imagesnowflake image The other thing that you will need to copy is the snowflake images. To do this in most browsers simply right click on each of the static snowflake images at the start of this paragraph and select save picture as or save image (depending on which browser you are using). You need to save the images as snowflake.gif and snowflake1.gif. If you are not puting the image in the same folder as the web page then you will need to update the snowflakes variable to reflect the correct location of the images in order for the script to work. The snowflake images came from the Graphics Software Guide who has kindly given permission for me to include them with the script. If you don't want to use the inages supplied, you are welcome to use your own images and if you want more than two images just add more images to the snowflakes array.

Now all that remains is to add the script to your page.

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