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JavaScript By Example - Objects: RegExp
In a similar way to how the Math object extends what you can do with numbers, RegExp objects extend what you can do with strings by adding the abiliity to ...
Regular Expressions - JavaScript - About.com
What are regular expressions?.: sans serif font javascript commands input onclick regular expression input field.
Regular Expressions - JavaScript - About.com
Regular Expressions are one of the more difficult to understand parts of the Javascript language. This series of tutorials will take you step by step through how ...
Start and End - JavaScript - About.com
So far the tutorials on regular expressions have been looking at how to use them in your Javascript code. I started the series by covering that first since there ...
The RegExp Object - JavaScript - About.com
RegExp is a predefined object in Javascript.: sans serif font regexp object meta characters regular expression character classes.
Pattern Matching - JavaScript - About.com
Matching patterns with Regular Expressions: regular expression pattern sans serif font cat sat on the mat order of magnitude matching patterns.
MultiLine Mode - JavaScript - About.com
All of the regular expressions we have looked at so far will process the text that we are comparing the expression to as if it were a single line. This will work fine ...
Non-Capturing Groups - JavaScript - About.com
How to make a regular expression group non-capturing.
Back References - JavaScript - About.com
Regular Expression back references and capturing groups.
Meta Characters - JavaScript - About.com
Regular Expressions and meta characters.: regular expression syntax sans serif font meta characters body background regexp.
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