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Pattern Matching - JavaScript - About.com
Matching patterns with Regular Expressions: regular expression pattern sans serif font cat sat on the mat order of magnitude matching patterns.
Pattern Matching - JavaScript - About.com
Even though older browsers don't support the HTML5 pattern attribute for form fields we can implement it ourselves in JavaScript.
Greedy, Reluctant, and Possessive - JavaScript - About.com
Regular Expressions and matching on the longest or shortest. ... in this case is to match with the longest possible string of characters that matches the pattern.
Pattern Matching in SQL Server Queries with Wildcards - Databases
You may often need to create a SQL Server query that performs inexact pattern matching through the use of wildcard characters. The use of wildcards allows you  ...
How to Write Regular Expressions for Pattern Matching
Instructions and examples for pattern matching using regular expressions.
An Example of Pattern Matching in Python - About Python
Every successful Python programmer understands Python's regular expression ( regex) system and how to formulate regular expressions for matching.
Tightening Python's Grip: Ranges in Python Pattern Matching ...
... expressions for matching. Understanding regex is key to Python programming. Using curly braces to express ranges helps with pattern matching in Python.
Simple Matching With Regular Expressions - About Perl
A gentle introduction to Perl's regular expressions. In this tutorial we look at simple string pattern matching and match expressions.
egrep - Linux Command - Unix Command
NAME. grep, egrep, fgrep - print lines matching a pattern. SYNOPSIS. grep [ options] PATTERN [FILE...] grep [options] [-e PATTERN | -f FILE] [FILE...] ...
Linux Unix Command - grep
Linux / Unix command "grep" allows you to search for a pattern in a list of files. ... It is usually easier to use fgrep if you don't need special pattern matching.
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