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Asynchronous Javascript and XML

Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX for short) is the method that you use when you want your web page to be able to retrieve new information from the web server without having to download a whole new page.
  1. Learn AJAX (15)

Ajax - Asynchronous or Synchronous
When should you use asynchronous Ajax calls and when should you use synchronous. Well there are a few things you need to consider.

Ajax - Get or Post
When should you use GET and when should you use POST with Ajax (or anywhere else for that matter).

Head Rush AJAX
Review of Head Rush AJAX

Pragmatic Ajax
Review of Pragmatic Ajax

Professional AJAX
Review of Professional AJAX

DHTML Utopia - Modern Web Design Using Javascript and DOM
This excellent book by Stuart Langridge covers modern Javascript programming techniques and has a large section on interacting with the server using AJAX.

Sarissa is a third party open source library that has been written to provide a cross browser means of making XMLHttpRequest calls from the server as well as a cross browser means of accessing the XML data that is eventually returned by the server.

AJAX : A Basic Example and a Bookmarklet
Eric Pascarello shows you how to use AJAX to test if a page exists before transferring to it.

A New Approach to Web Applications
This article by Jesse James Garret explains what AJAX is.

AJAX Matters
Another site with some information about AJAX

Wikipedia - AJAX
Here is the Wikipedia definition of AJAX

A step by step guide to using JavaScript to access the server.

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