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Bookmarklets and User Scripts

Bookmarklets (or favelets as some call them) are Javascripts that are attached to the bookmarks or favorites menu of your browser so that they can be run against any web page that you view. User scripts go one step further by allowing you to have scripts that run automatically against each web page you view.
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Introduction to Bookmarklets
Not all Javascript goes in web pages. You can also add Javascripts to your bookmark menu.

View Source Bookmarklet
This bookmarklet allows you to see the web page source the way your browser does after all of the Javascripts have been run. A useful tool to help you see what your Javascripts are doing to the page.

Display Table Borders Bookmarklet
This bookmarklet temporarily adds a stylesheet to the page that displays coloured borders around all of the table fields. Unfortunately, it only works in Internet Explorer.

Disable Javascript
This Javascript bookmarklet will strip all of the Javascript out of a web page. Useful for those occasions where you need to temporarily disable Javascript on a web page.

Disable or Remove Images
Want an idea of what a web page looks like in browsers that either can't display images at all or where images are disabled. These two bookmarklets will help you to find out without having to change your usual browser settings.

Disable No Right Click Scripts
When someone interferes with your navigation of their site with a "no right click script" you can disable that script with this simple bookmarklet and get control of your browser back.

Show Cookie Bookmarklet
Find out what cookies you have set for a particular web site.

How Secure are Password Fields in Forms
The password fields in web page forms might display all asterisks to stop someone looking over your shoulder to read them but that isn't sufficient to stop someone actually on the computer itself from being able to read it with this simple bookmarklet.

Favlets For The Validator
Validate web pages quickly and easily using these bookmarklets from W3C.

Bookmarklets - free tools for power surfing
Over one hundred small JavaScript applications which you can bookmark directly from the page and use from your Bookmarks or Favorites menu.

Web Development Bookmarklets
A selection of bookmarklets designed to assist you with your web page development.

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