1. Technology

Guide's Calculator Scripts

Your guide has written a number of Calculator Javascripts that can be easily added to any site. Just follow the supplied instructions to install the script. No programming experience is required.

Loan Repayment Calculator
Your visitors can calulate what repayments are required for any given loan using this unobtrusive version of my loan repayment calculator. This calculator calculates the amount of each instalment based on the amount borrowed, the term, the interest rate, and how often the repayments are made.

Loan Amount Calculator
Let your visitors calculate how much they can afford to borrow based on how much they can afford to pay with this unobtrusive version of my loan calculator. This calculator uses the amount of each payment, how often payments are made, the interest rate, and the term of the loan to work out how much can be borrowed in the first place.

Metric Calculator
This script adds a metric conversion calculator to your page that handles most of the common conversions.

Distance Calculator
Allow visitors to your site to "calculate" the distance between two locations by selecting those locations from two drop down lists.

Distance Calculator with Times
This distance calculator not only displays how far apart places are but also provides an estimate of the travel time required.

Budget Calculator Generator
Budget calculators are fairly simple scripts since all they have to do is add and subtract a few numbers. Where creating a budget calculator becomes more complex is in adding all of the field validations. Even for someone with a decent Javascript knowledge creating one can take a fair amount of time or used to before I created this page which will create a custom budget calculator for you.

Cross Stitch Calculator
Work out how big a cross stitch pattern will be based on the design and stitch size using this simple calculator - a useful addition to any cross stitch site.

Cooking Calculator
This script adds a cooking calculator to your page that handles most of the common and some not so common conversions between assorted measuring systems.

Body Fat Calculator
This body fat calculator uses a formula developed by the US Navy to estimate what percentage of your body is fat. A useful addition to any health or diet related site.

Body Mass Index Calculator
Another calculator suitable for health and diet web sites. This one uses the person's height and weight to calculate their Body Mass Index.

Loan Repayment Calculator
This script adds a loan repayment calculator to your page.

Loan Amount Calculator
This script adds a loan amount calculator to your page.

Interest Rate Converter
This script adds an interest rate converter to your page.

Piano Chord Calculator
If you are teaching music then this calculator will be useful for showing your students which keys make up different chords.

Watercolour Mixer
Most colour mixing scripts on the web mix red, green, and blue to help you work out your web colours. This script doesn't do that. Instead it mixes red, yellow, and blue the way that watercolour paints mix together when you paint with them. Give the visitors to your site the opportunity to learn the effect of mixing your watercolours together without wasting paint.

Paint Mixer
See the effect of mixing various quantities of the primary and secondary paint colours together.

Making Change
This simple script allows you to calculate what coins and notes to use to give someone their change. With the example form you simply enter the amount of change required and it will present a list of how to provide it. Can easily be added into any calculator that needs to process money that involves giving change.

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