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Image Manipulation

Javascript can be used to perform a variety of image related tasks from simple rollovers to cropping, hiding, or dynamically resizing your images.

Multiple Galleries with Captions
THis unobtrusive script will allow you to add as many image galleries as you want to your web page.

Flexible Banner Rotator
This "banner" rotator allows you to set up multiple rotators in the same page with each containing different content. The content can be anything that can be written in HTML.

Unobtrusive Random Images
Randomly selecting an image to display in your web page commonly appeared in one of the early chapters of older books on JavaScript because it was a fairly simple script to explain which provided something meaningful. Making such a script unobtrusive by extracting it completely out of the web page makes it slightly more complicated but far more useful.

Slideshows With Captions
This slideshow script displays a caption under each image. It works unobtrusively. It can handle multiple slideshows on the same page. It pre-loads the next image as each image is displayed to minimise wait times.

"New" Image
Display an image next to the new entries on your page and have that image automatically disappear automatically after so many days.

Failsafe Remote Images
If you remote link to images from other sites and that other site is down then the image wont display. Here's how to replace it in with one of your own when that occurs.

Display Random Image or Quote
If you have several quotes, images, or ads to choose from and you want to have one of them randomly selected to display on your page then this script provides the basic template you need to use to set it up.

Javascript or Flash Slideshows
Is it better to use Javascript or Flash to create a slideshow?

Modal Image Box
This unobtrusive script converts all of the links to images from your web page so that the images display modally within the same page.

Drawing Using Stylesheets and Javascript
You don't always need to use images to be able to add drawings to your page. Sometimes a few stylesheet commands and a short Javascript can not only draw something without using images but it can animate it at the same time.

Concentration Memory Game with Images Script
Put a game of concentration on your site and test your visitor's memory.

Watermarking Images
Watermarking images is the only effective way to protect them.

Day of Week Image
This day of week script displays a simple image that varies depending on the local day

Time of Day Image
This time of day script displays a simple image that varies depending on the local time.

One of the simplest effects that Javascript provides is the mouseover. When the mouse moves over an image the image changes, and when the mouse is moved off the image it changes back. This form can generate your mouseover code for you and even handles multiple mouseover images on the same page.

Rollover Gallery Effect
Display one of several larger images based on which smaller image the mouse last passed over

Rollover with Captions Effect
Display one of several larger images and associated caption based on which smaller image the mouse last passed over.

Multiple Rollover Galleries
Placing more than one rollover gallery on the same page is not much harder than placing just one.

Slide Show Effect
Allow your visitors to slide through a number of images one after the other.

Cycling Banner Effect
Cycle automatically through a number of images one after the other at regular intervals.

Transition Effects
It is possible to create fancy transition effects on your web page in almost all browsers using a few simple lines of Javascript. Brothercake's transition functions are so simple and cover so many different effects that there is no need for anyone else to write any themselves.

Cycling Ad Banner Effect
Cycle through a number of ad banners one after the other.

Image Zoom
Allow your visitors to resize the images on your web page with this simple script.

Getting rid of the IE6 Image Toolbar
The Internet Explorer 6 Image Toolbar "pops up" over the top left corner of large images when you move the mouse over the image and makes copying and printing images much easier.

Image Load Order
You can use Javascript to control the order in which the images on your page load makig your page appear to load faster.

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