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One thing to remember when you obtain free JavaScripts for your site is that there's no reason to continue running the same version of the script forever. When a more modern version of the script is made available as a free download, you can always update your page and replace the old script with the new one. This is particularly easy where the new version of the script is offered as a direct replacement for the script you are currently using, but it shouldn't be all that hard even if you get it from a completely different source.

The number and variety of scripts offered for free download means that no matter what sort of JavaScript you want to add to your page, you should be able to find several sites offering one or more variations on such scripts. Only when you get to the stage where you require a script that directly interacts with custom code within your web page (such as for form field validation) will you be unable to find a free JavaScript download that does everything for you without your having to code any of it yourself. Even in such situations, you should be able to find free downloads that provide you with pieces of code that will do at least a part of what you need, along with instructions on how to attach such code fragments together to do what you require.

Even those who move on to writing their own JavaScript rather than relying on pre-written free downloads can make use of free downloads. Along with complete scripts for performing a variety of simple tasks, there are also code libraries available as free downloads that will provide common functionality that will make writing your own JavaScript much easier.

For those want to learn programming, one of the biggest advantages of JavaScript is that it is all free. You don't need to pay for anything to get started. The JavaScript language itself is built into all the browsers you need for testing the scripts, and there are plenty of free JavaScript downloads of complete scripts and libraries that you can either use as is or examine to see how things work in order to write your own code.

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