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Object-Oriented JavaScript

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The Bottom Line

This book is a must have for any serious JavaScript programmer just for the information on closures, prototype, inheritance, and design patterns that it contains which I have not seen covered to this level in any other JavaScript book.
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  • Covers advanced JavaScript concepts such as closures, prototype, inheritance, and design patterns.
  • Lists all the alternative ways of creating objects and discusses the advantages and disadvantages.
  • Includes information on how to write your JavaScript properly the unobtrusive way.


  • Too much introductory material for advanced programmers, not enough for beginners.
  • Covers old ways of doing some things in significant detail before advising against using that way.


  • First edition: July 2008
  • 337 page paperback
  • Published by Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 978-1-847194-14-5
  • Create scalable, reusable high-quality JavaScript applications and libraries
  • Author Stoyan Stefanov

Guide Review - Object-Oriented JavaScript

The biggest flaw in this book is that it tries to be a book both for beginners and advanced JavaScript users. The first chapter introduces some of the concepts of Object Oriented programming. The next one and a half chapters cover really basic aspects of JavaScript that anyone who has used JavaScript programming should already know. Half way through the chapter on functions the book suddenly starts presenting far more advanced JavaScript concepts. The rest of that chapter deals with closures, a rather advanced aspect of JavaScript. In chapter four the book returns to an intermediate level with information about the objects built into JavaScript before again moving on to advanced topics with chapters on prototype and inheritance.

Overall this book will be far more useful to more advanced JavaScript programmers than it will be to beginners. The introductory material in the book is rather brief and does not cover the material in enough detail to allow a true beginner to actually understand the concepts. They would be much better off with a different book that is aimed more at people just starting out where the same information as is contained in the introductory sections of this book will be found with far more details. The introductory material is a bit long for those more advanced JavaScript programmers who already know those basic concepts and who might just need a quick refresher on them so that they can see how the more advanced concepts which are the core of this book fit in.

Those sections of the book that do cover the advanced object oriented aspects of the JavaScript language provide an excellent in depth discussion of those aspects. The clear explanations of how the various object oriented aspects of JavaScript work will be of great assistance to anyone looking to advance their JavaScript coding to the highest levels.

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