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Online JavaScript References

This section includes links to online references for the JavaScript language, document object model, DHTML, and more.
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What is Javascript
JavaScript is a popular programming language that's built into all the major web browsers and used to make web pages interactive. This article will answer all your basic questions about what JavaScript is and how to use it -- even if you aren't a computer programmer.

A Brief History of Javascript
What is Javascript, who created it, and who controls the standards?

How Hard is JavaScript To Learn?
How difficult something is to learn depends on what you already know and how similar the new thing is to what you know.

What is JavaScript Used For?
Just where does JavaScript fit into the overall picture when it comes to building web pages correctly.

What Does JavaScript Look Like?
Once advantage to JavaScript is that it is actually downloaded to the local computer before it is interpreted by the browser. This means you can view the source to see the JavaScript. You just need to be able to tell what parts of the page content are JavaScript and what are HTML and CSS.

JavaScript 101
Want to use Javascript on your web pages? There are two alternate approaches you can take.

Pros and Cons : Pre-Written JavaScript or Write it Yourself
A look at the advantages and disadvantages of using complete JavaScripts written by someone else (with permission of course) compared to the advantages and disadvantages of writing it yourself.

HTML Comments and JavaScript
When JavaScript was first introduced it was necessary to include the script inside of an HTML comment in order to prevent older browsers from displaying the code. As people stopped using those old browsers many years ago it is no longer necessary to do this and in fact doing so can have other unwanted effects.

The Purpose of Functions
What is a function and why should we use them in JavaScript

Reasons to Avoid Noscript
The noscript tag is long past its use by date.

Javascript and JScript
Javascript and JScript, different languages for different browsers.

An IE7 bug?
IE7 incorrectly maps function calls to the wrong code for buttons.

Not Quite Javascript
Javascript is only one of a group of languages based on ECMAscript.

The Three Parts of JavaScript
Javascript and JScript each have the same three parts in their specifications.

JavaScript should enhance a web page and make it easier to use

Print Friendly Pages
The relationship between JavaScript and printer friendly web pages.

When to use Noscript
Just how useful is the noscript tag and when should you use it?

JavaScript and Emails
Why not to use JavaScript with emails

JavaScript Objects
What are JavaScript Objects?

JavaScript and Unicode
The ASCII character set is limited to 128 different characters and 32 of those are reserved for control characters. Unicode solves this shortage by using one, two, or even four bytes to allow for over sixteen million different characters and symbols. JavaScript can't use all of the Unicode characters but it can work with the 65000 most common ones.

Javascript Glossary
A glossary of JavaScript related terms.

Reserved Words
Certain words have special meanings in Javascript and so you can't use them as variable names. Here is a list of them.

Structured Programming
What 'structures' are used in structured programming?

Julian DayJulian Day
What is a Julian Day?

JavaScript and HTML Tidy
Running HTML Tidy is a good way to tidy up your HTML and correct a lot of the minor errors it may contain. You need to be careful though if your page also contains JavaScript as the tidy program may reformat your JavaScript as well breaking the code.

Javascript Quiz
How well do you know Javascript? The 10 questions in this script will test your knowledge. The script also demonstrates the functioning of quizes made with Quiz Maker 1.

Javascript Quiz - Random Questions
This short quiz selects 5 questions at random from the 10 questions used in the Javascript quiz. It demonstrates the functioning of the random quiz addon.

While not absolutely essential if you use a web editor that creates the HTML for you, a thorough knowledge of HTML can help you when writing your own Javascript programs.

Not everything can be done on your visitor's computer. When you need your programs to run on the web server you need a server side language such as PERL or PHP.

Universal Co-ordinated Time (UTC)
Universal co-ordinated time is the new name for Greenwich mean time.

Java is a NOT Javascript but it is another programming language that can be used to enhance your web site. It can be run either on your visitor's computers or on the web server.

JavaScript Glossary definition for: Applet

JavaScript Glossary definition for: Area

JavaScript Glossary definition for: Body

JavaScript Glossary definition for: Object

JavaScript Glossary definition for: Option

JavaScript Glossary definition for: options


JavaScript Glossary definition for: Element

JavaScript Glossary definition for: Name

JavaScript Glossary definition for: Node

JavaScript Glossary definition for: getElementsByTagName

JavaScript Glossary definition for: getElementByid

JavaScript Glossary definition for: getElementsByName

JavaScript Glossary definition for: createTextNode

JavaScript Glossary definition for: appendChild

JavaScript Glossary definition for: insertBefore

JavaScript Glossary definition for: createDocumentFragment

JavaScript Glossary definition for: removeChild

JavaScript Glossary definition for: createElement

Javascript Support in Acrobat
Since version 5, Adobe Acrobat has supported Javascript.

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