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Choosing Pre-Built Scripts

Has a prebuilt script been properly written to work on other web browsers


If you don't actually want to take the time to learn to code Javascript for yourself it doesn't mean that you can't use javascript on your site. There are plenty of scripts that other people have already written that you are allowed to copy and use on your own site. I even have a few such scripts that i have written that you will find on this site.

The problem with using scripts written by someone else is that you don't know how thoroughly they have tested their script and unless it says so on the web page that you get it from you don't know which browsers the script will work on and which browsers will not do anything (or even worse produce an error stuffing up your whole page).

You can't easily resolve all of these issues without performing thorough tests of the script across a number of different browsers and probably a good knowledge of Javascript coding as well. What you can do is to examine the script itself looking for certain things and performing a simple test that will give you a good indication of whether the script is likely to work properly on other browsers without your having to obtain all of those other browsers for yourself.

If you are one of the majority of web users you are running one version or another of Internet Explorer as your web browser. You can easily see if the script performs as expected in that browser by adding it to your web page and then viewing the page and running the script. You don't even have to upload the page to your web site, you can run that test with a copy of the page on your own computer to see if it works as expected.

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