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Which Site Uses JavaScript in the Most Useful Manner?


Nominations accepted through January 24, 2010

Nominations accepted through January 24, 2010

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Question: Which Site Uses JavaScript in the Most Useful Manner?

Is the most useful JavaScript used by some major web site or is it on a small site that few people have heard of? Perhaps there is a script repository somewhere that makes a really useful script available that is used on lots of sites. You tell us. Nominate your choice for most useful JavaScript in the About.com Reader's Choice Awards 2010.

We're looking for your -- the About.com readers -- opinions on which sites have implemented the most useful JavaScript. We're taking nominations from January 1, 2010 through January 24, 2010. Voting takes place in February with The Reader's Choice winner announced March 1.


There are all sorts of different ways in which JavaScript can be useful.

  • It can validate input before a form is submitted
  • It can remove the need to submit single field forms
  • It can retrieve data from the server and update part of the page without the entire page having to be reloaded
  • It can move parts of the page content out of the way when they are not needed and move them back when they are
  • It can keep essential content visible as the page is scrolled

I am sure you can think of plenty more ways in which JavaScript can be useful and know of many web sites where JavaScript has been appropriately used to provide such useful functions.

So what we are looking for here is the site that you think has used JavaScript in the most useful way or the script repository that offers the script that provides the most useful functionality to add to web sites.

How to Nominate: Most Useful JavaScript

Between January 1 and January 24, 2010 use the form, to nominate your favourite script in this category. For the subject, give the name of the Web Site you wish to nominate (for script repositories please also identify the script). Then include the URL and a short description of why you think the JavaScript is useful. 50 character minimum. Please try to be specific. Do not hesitate to nominate pages that have already been nominated by others. Multiple nominations increase the chances that your choice will make it into the finalists for voting.

Don't assume that just because you don't submit one of the industry-standard or well-known names in this category that your choice doesn't stand a chance.

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