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Javascript Script Library

Using prebuilt scripts is the quickest way to add Javascripts to your site. Divided up into various Categories you will find links to many scripts written by your Guide as well as "More Script" libraries and "Javascript Libraries" that you can go to for still more. The articles below provide information about when and how to use scripts written by others on your web site.
  1. Animations (17)
  2. Date and Time Scripts (30)
  3. Calculators (17)
  4. Form Validation Scripts (8)
  5. Navigation Menus (3)
  6. Function Library (17)
  7. Games (9)
  8. More Complete Scripts (14)
  9. Custom Scripts
  10. More Scripts (8)
  11. Javascript Libraries (8)

Using Pre-written JavaScript Scripts
The actual steps required to use a pre-written JavaScript with your page are not always included with the script. Here is a step by step list of what you need to do in order to be able to use any pre-written JavaScript in your page. You will still need to refer to the instructions with the script for the details though.

All My Scripts
If you are having trouble finding the pre-written Javascript, Javascript function, or Javascript generator that you need then this page which lists them all alphabetically may help.

Web pages are copyright so don't copy without permission

Copy and Paste
New to web page creation and not sure how to copy and paste? Here are some step by step instructions to get you started.

Head Script and Body Script
If you want to add Javascript to your page and you don't understand HTML then you may have some trouble understanding where the various sections of the Javascript need to go. This page describes the basic structure of a web page so that you should be able to figure out where in your page source to insert the Javascript.

Resolving Script Clashes
When you add a second script to a page where you have already have Javascript then the two scripts may interfere with one another. Here's how to resolve these conflicts.

Choosing Prebuilt Scripts
Easy tests to determine if pre-built scripts have been properly tested by their author

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