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Add Pre-written JavaScripts to Your Web Pages


You don't need to learn to write JavaScript yourself in order to be able to use it on your web site. There are many collections of JavaScripts available on the web that give you permission to copy their scripts to use on your own site. You have found one such library here. Here are hundreds of JavaScripts that I have written that you are welcome to copy and use on your site. Each script comes with complete instructions on how to install it.
  1. How to Use Pre-Written Scripts
  2. Scripts by Type
  3. Create Custom Scripts
  4. Other Libraries Where You can get Scripts

How to Use Pre-Written Scripts

Instructions on how to install a script. You do not need programming experience to install a script written by someone else. The following instructions apply to all the scripts on this site as well as many that you will find elsewhere.

Scripts by Type

I have written a range of scripts of various types. If you are not sure exactly what script you need but know roughly what you want it to do then you will probably find what you are looking for from those in the appropriate category listed here. If you know what the script you are looking for is called you might find it easier in the alphabetical list of all my scripts.

Create Custom Scripts

Create your own scripts using these script generators.

Other Libraries Where You can get Scripts

There are a number of JavaScript libraries on the web where you can go to obtain scripts written by others. These libraries contain hundreds (if not thousands) of pre-built Javascripts that you are free to use on your site.

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