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Create Custom Scripts

Generate scripts customized to your requirements without having to code them yourself using these script makers.
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Remove document.write
This form will help you update your JavaScript code to get rid of document.write statements

Unobtrusive Hangman
This version of my Hangman game is completely unobtrusive. If your visitor has JavaScript enabled then the game appears on the web page. If they don't then all there is in the HTML source is an empty div tag.

Random Tip Maker
If you want to be able to display a randomly selected tip on your web page without having to figure out how to insert the tips into the code then this form will create the code with the tips inserted for you.

Calendar Generator
Do you want to add a calendar for a specific month to your web page? Creating all of the HTML by hand can be a daunting task. This simple form allows you to enter the month and year and which day of the week you want the calendar to start with and it will generate the HTML for you.

Table Generator
Generate some basic CSS and HTML as a template for the tables you want on your site and avoid the problem of missing tags.

Cryptogram Script
Create simple substitution cipher cryptograms that your code breaking visitors will enjoy. You can easily set things up with a daily cipher waiting to be broken or just pick a random choice from the list. You can even link to specific cryptograms from another page.

Whether you want to test your visitors for particular knowledge or just provide a bit of fun you can easily put a hangman game onto your site using this script maker.

Password Generator
Do you need a quick way of generating a password of between 7 and 20 characters in length that contains both uppercase and lowercase characters and also at least one number. This script will generate such passwords for you, just tell it what you want the password to contain and how long you want the password to be and it will do the rest.

Fly-in Ad
Get your visitors to pay attention to an ad by having it fly into the centre of their browser window after your page finishes loading.

Format Your Javascript
This script takes Javascript code and reformats it to follow a consistent layout. Keywords, predefined objects, comments and literals are also colour coded to make the script easier to read.

Compress Your Javascript
Make your Javascripts faster to load and harder for others to read by compressing out all of the surplus spaces and comments.

Drop Down Menu
Most programs have a menu bar across the top to select the various functions appropriate to that program. Now you can use something similar for your web page navigation. This script maker allows you to select the colours for your menu and also provides a single link to your site map for those visitors whose browsers don't support the full menu.

Background Audio Selector
Place a background audio selecor box on your web page to allow your visitors to download and play music.

Country Dropdown
The countries of the world don't change much or often and so the country field on your forms can best be done with a drop down list. Unfortunately the number of countries in the world makes the coding of such a list rather time consuming - unless you use this drop down list maker to create it for you.

Popup Window Generator
Generate all of the Javascript code necessary to create a popup or popunder window. You choose the size and position of the window as well as whether it should popup or popunder. All you need is the HTML for what you want to appear in the window.

Mouseover Script
One of the simplest effects that Javascript provides is the mouseover. When the mouse moves over an image the image changes, and when the mouse is moved off the image it changes back. This form can generate your mouseover code for you and even handles multiple mouseover images on the same page.

Hiding Your Email Address
Providing an email link to visitors to your web page without providing it to the spam spiders at the same time is getting progressively more difficult. This form will help you to create a version of the HTML that the spiders hopefully wont recognize.

Bulletin Board / Forum Code Converter
Convert HTML to text or bbCode for use on bulletin boards and forums with this code converter.

HTML to Javascript Converter
While the document.write statement can output HTML to your web page, there are a few minor changes you need to make to that HTML to avoid having it conflict with the surrounding Javascript. This form will make these changes for you.

Creating an HTML Head Block
Not sure what to put into the head section of your page. This form will take you step by step through the most commonly needed entries and will then crerate the entire head block for you.

Privacy Policy Generator
A properly defined privacy.txt file for your web site will possibly need a huge amount of information in it regarding the different privacy policies that apply to the different parts of your site. This generator script doesn't create a fully detailed privacy file for you but it does help get you started.

Displaying HTML Source Code in Web Pages
This script will convert your HTML into a form suitable for inclusion within Javascript document.write statements.

Outdated JavaScript
Have you found a JavaScript that does exactly what you want but which used long outdated code. Tell us so that we can make a more upt to date version of the script.

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