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JavaScript Variables and Operators

For those who are completely new to JavaScript rather than just trying to upgrade their JavaScript to use more modern coding methods, this series of tutorials will serve to introduce the concepts of variables and operators.

JavaScript for Beginners
Before beginners to JavaScript can start writing their own scripts they first need to understand some of the basic terminology and concepts.

Introduction to JavaScript Variables
Before you can start writing your own JavaScript, you need to understand what variables and operators are.

What are JavaScript Variables
So what exactly do we mean when we refer to a JavaScript "variable"?

Types of JavaScript Variable
Not all variables are the same type. There are numbers, text strings and many other type that JavaScript variables can have.

Naming JavaScript Variables
There are rules that you need to follow when giving a name to your JavaScript variables.

Defining JavaScript Variables
Now that we know how to name our variables in JavaScript, the next step is to actually define some.

ASCII and Unicode
JavaScript supports two different ways that computers can store information.

Operating on JavaScript Variables
JavaScript operators are the way that we change the values contained in JavaScript variables.

JavaScript Order of Operations
The order in which operations are performed can affect the answer so JavaScript follows rules as to what order to perform them in.

JavaScript Assignment Operators
Unlike the calculations you perform manually, programming languages such as JavaScript require an operator to assign a value to a variable.

Text String Operators
When working with text rather than numbers there are different operators.

Local and Global
How and where you define your JavaScript variables will affect how long they exist for.

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